I’ve been in the education profession now for 20 years. Most of that time, I taught in semi-open-plan or fully open-plan schools. In fact, I went to an open-plan school for my own primary school education. I find the debate about open-plan schooling laughable. …

What is it?

Recently, there was an interesting conversation on Twitter instigated by @MrCrawfordEng about how we might know our curriculum has an impact. What a brilliant provocation!

As I read through the responses, I felt… unsatisfied. I’m not convinced that anyone quite captured what makes 12 years of learning…

Actually, the credentials of now should be extra.

I’ve been doing a lot of digging in the credentialing and recognition space lately as part of a Social Lab with Learning Creates and I’ve noticed something that I should have cotton-oned to long ago… The way in which we credential young people is incredibly binary.

from: https://www.diplomasandtranscripts.com/fake-college-transcripts.html

In a recent interview…

And that goes for teachers, too.

I noticed something intriguing when I was visiting a school this week. It’s not unique to this school but on this day, it became very apparent to me.

We must remember that we need schools so that we can learn together.

What does learning…

To be honest, I’d not heard the term ‘front-loading’ until I arrived in SA. For those unfamiliar with the term, it describes the explicit teaching done to young people before they can practice. The premise is that young people must have a mental model that’s taught to them by a…

Earlier today, there was a hilarious stream on Twitter asking people to share their top five pieces of negative feedback.

Here’s a screen-shot of the original post:

Original Post


I laughed. Mostly because I’ve been at the receiving end of most of these and, also, it was heartening to find that it wasn’t just me.

But, I was also concerned. Nevertheless, I joined in.

Here’s my contribution to the feed —

And you won’t believe which one.

In my first year of teaching, the year 2000, I read a novel by John Marsden aloud to my class. It was entitled, ‘Staying Alive in Year Five’ and one of the central characters, Mr Murlin, took my pedagogy on a trajectory I could…

When school’s embark on change, there are a number of obstacles that are faced. Some obstacles are in an individual’s control. Others are cultural. Let’s examine one obstacle we’ve seen of late and the ways industry and schools tackle them.

Image by Jason de los Santos from Pixabay

People don’t collaborate.

I get it. Collaboration is hard. …

Image by piviso from Pixabay

In the Tour de France pelotons, riders in a group save energy by riding close to other riders. This practice significantly reduces drag and riding in the middle ground of a group, drag can be reduced to as little as 5–10%.

Scientifically speaking, drag is a force acting in opposition…

Tonight, out at dinner, I left some salmon on the plate. Too dry.

Last month, I left a slice of plastic cheese* (from my “cheesy” omelette) on the plate.

If I were a chef, I’d try to improve by looking at what people leave on their plates. Perhaps there’s too…

Chantelle Love

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